Recipes and Installations at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

There'll be delicious food at the Eggstravaganza from local street food traders Out to Lunch, plus in house tea and cakes. But we'll also be cooking up some of the recipes from theHebden Annual. 

There will be a delicious Yotam Ottolenghi soup, using a combination of shop bought ingredients and wild leaves from the woods - docks, wild garlic and dandelions. For extra effect it'll be bubbling away outside on the Incredible Farm giant cauldron. Taste it for free from about 12.30 onwards.

Then at 1pm Lisa Slater will be demonstrating how to make a crumble topping in a saucepan. She will already have cooked up some seasonal rhubarb, so there will be readymade pudding to buy if you fancy it to take home. And, for something completely different, Lisa makes fantastical automata! 

Even now she's busy in her workshop creating a dancing display from the miniature clogs that Walkleys made for the Annual. So come along for crumble and clogs...

Get stitched up at the Hebden Bridge Annual EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

Vanessa Kay, a local textile designer (who also happens to be queen of the WI's Rag Market), designed some lovely images of Hebden for the Annual.

They're easy peasy to embroider - simple lines for beginners but plenty of scope for more experienced stitchers to get their needle into.  If you fancy having a go, Helen from Ribbon Circus will be on hand at the Eggstravaganza to teach you how to do a fancy stitch, and there will be kits for sale if you get serious.

There is talk about doing a Bayeaux Tapestry of Hebden so watch this space....

'How Hebden Bridge are you?' - Easter Bonnets at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

According to Wikipedia wearing an Easter bonnet is "in harmony with the renewal of the year and the promise of spiritual renewal and redemption"  I don't know if I'd go that far but if you want a larf you could take part in the "How Hebden are You?" Easter bonnet competition at the Egg Factory Eggstravaganza on April 22nd.

Will you be this pleased with your bonnet creation?

Will you be this pleased with your bonnet creation?

Make one on the day here at the Egg or startle everyone by making a secret one in advance. Here's some ideas for going on with

A bonnet made entirely from organic humus
An ironic bonnet made from sainsburys carrier bags
A bonnet made of clogs
A corduroy bonnet
An underbonnet with an overbonnet on top of it
A bonnet with a beard

Go on, you know you want to....

MUD! Get mucky at the Hebden Bridge Annual EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

Emily Jones likes making "grown ups and children alike wobbly, topply, slip and slide in slimey, ooooooozy goodness - mud!"

So I'm hoping it rains (just a bit) in the days after Easter and stops on April 22nd for the sun to come out.

Why? Because Emily will need plenty of the stuff for her contribution to the Eggstravaganza activity day. She'll be leading a band of mud lovers from the Egg Factory into the woods, where they'll be doing all sorts with the marvellous stuff. There will even be magic mud volcanoes!

All welcome but each family group must contain at least one adult. The session is free but booking is ESSENTIAL - to book click here. More details of what Emily and her colleagues get up to here

Vegetables at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

A few years ago it was difficult to grow much more than a potato in the Calder Valley. Ancient locals would laugh in your face if you flaunted a seed packet in the pub.  But hey global warming! The temperatures and the possibilities are changing - we've even got a couple of market gardens again. Plenty of us get all enthusiastic about growing our own, but the problem is, you only get a small window of opportunity. Before you know it it's too late, you're full of self loathing and resign yourself to the shops for another year.

But this year we're making it easy for you whether you've got an allotment or a window box.  Sally Baker of Kingfisher Flowers will be demonstrating the how-tos of sowing seeds and potting on at the Eggstravaganza. There will be sessions from 11-12.30 and again from 1.30-3.00 but to be sure of a place you can book here.

And Sally has created a new product - the Miniveg! A tray of veg seedlings and plants all ready to look after until they're big enough to eat, available for a very reasonable fiver, only at the Eggstravaganza!

After Alice at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

We're very pleased to announce that the After Alice Project will be at the Eggstravaganza with their 1938 Rolleiflex camera on hand to take your photograph for posterity!  If you're bored with the same old selfies, here today and gone tomorrow, you can have a proper portrait of you and yours, to pass on down the generations.  Pose with Edwardian accessories to look the part, or go 21st century minimalist - either way your picture will go into the archive with the option of buying your own print for a modest sum.

They'll also have an exhibition of framed After Alice prints and a first edition of large postcard size prints at only £1 each. The 1890s camera used for portrait photography by Alice Longstaff and her predecessors will be on display plus the Pennine Horizons touch screen digital archive. Many, many pictures of Hebden and Hebdenites. We've always been a fairly weird lot and here's the evidence!


"It is a happy talent to know how to play"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Feeling as though you need to let your hair down and generally muck about? If so come to the Eggstravaganza and play a few games with us.

Stoodley Pike Hoopla - chuck a hoop over the miniature monument

Ferret Down the (Corduroy) Trousers aka Bat the Rat

Pair up with a pal and go in for the Slack Bottoms competition - (Warning: not to be attempted unless you're feeling just a little bit silly)

We've loosely based this one on the Queens of Dawson City's favourite pastime of sitting in a bath of flour to compare bottom sizes, but don't worry, it'll be a fully clothed activity.

If you're of a more canine disposition bring your pooch and take a selfie with the help of Ey Up Pup!

Quiet board games will also be available.

Walk this way from the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

There'll be a choice of walks on Eggstravaganza day, all with a different slant on the local scene.

Are you...

Energetic and imaginative?

Look for Hebden Spirits in the Mytholm woods - Pokemon eat your heart out!  They're everywhere - in the walls, in the trees, behind the rocks. Bring a phone and catch them on camera. You need to BOOK for this walk and it'll be expertly led by Amy Gault of Splat Training.

A local history enthusiast?

Richard Peters (from CROWS And Walkers Action) will be taking you on a Short Stroll to a Hidden Gem. Leant all about how the Foster Mill Dam provided the electricity for the mill, at least until tea time! You need to BOOK for this walk.

A budding psychogeographer?

Take a playful "drift" round Hebden town with your Situationist hat on. Artist and urban explorer Jane Samuels has prepared a Treasure Hunt that is guaranteed to make you see things you've never seen before.  No need to book just collect your instructions from 11 am onwards from the Egg Factory and off you go. Don't forget to come back - Jane will be awarding a small prize at 3.15 for the most observant hunter.

Wield your squeegee!

Have you had enough of sitting at a desk turning into a block of digital cement? Are your hands itching to mix inky delights and your brain yearning to create a riot of colour? Screenprinting is a lo-fi way to transfer designs on to paper, fabric, bags, tee shirts, almost anything that will stand still long enough.


Whether you're a complete beginner, or wanting to revive your skills, you can now take our four part basic screenprinting course over 2 days, either a weekend or midweek. As we don't enrol more than 6 students you will get plenty of individual attention from our tutors Amy and Rachel and you can work at your own pace.

Click here for more details and to book.

See you on the print tables!


Wake up sleepyheads! We thought we would celebrate the spring, and the Hebden Bridge Annual, by having a day of ACTIVITIES!

We have collected 11 outdoor activities and 8 indoor things-to-do, all from the pages of the Annual. So, if you haven't yet looked for spirits in the woods of Mytholm, drifted through the town looking for treasure, dabbled in MUD, taken a photo of your doggy best friend, or had your photo taken as you would have been 100 years ago come along on April 22, do all those things, and have a Hebdenistic time!

Go up the river with the Tinderwood Trust for some MUDDY action!

Go up the river with the Tinderwood Trust for some MUDDY action!

Look out for our folded flier with all the deets, coming soon. All freeeee, but you'll need a ticket for some of the goings on, so keep your eyes peeled.

A good day out, with refreshments and laughing!

Bring your dog for a portrait session with Ey Up Pup!

Bring your dog for a portrait session with Ey Up Pup!

Get ready for the Rag Market!

Some years ago we held the first Rag Market in Bridge Mill, an idea we pinched from the Stroud International Textile Festival. Their Rag Market was a delightful but very upmarket affair compared to ours and I notice they don't do it anymore! Here's a link to the SIT Select Festival site.

Our first one was a just mini market - a chance of rationalising our growing stashes of stuff.  It went down a bomb and we discovered that one person's rubbish was another's treasure.  So we soon moved into the Town Hall and handed the market over to the WI, who since then have done an excellent job of growing it and using the proceeds for good causes. 

If you've never been, the Rag Market is like a specialist old school jumble sale - you never know what's going to turn up. But as well as the serendipity of a random find it's evolved into a source of esoteric materials and tools - a virtual Internet for crafters. If you need a particular colour of wool, or an unusual handmade button, there's a good chance you'll find it at the Rag Market. 

But it's bursting at the seams! So now the Egg Factory has become a satellite venue - more stalls of haberdashery goodness, plus WI tea and cakes. The next one is on April 29th, 11 til 4. See you there (and here!)

Browsing the stash!

Browsing the stash!

Get updates and more info at the Hebden Bridge WI Rag Market Facebook page.

The long journey back to normal

This time last year the town was reeling from the aftermath of the big flood. We had Hebdenhams at the Egg Factory - the makeshift department store of itinerant shopkeepers, full of brave laughter and good humour.  In time they all moved back to their rightful homes and now they're all looking super good.

But underneath the new paint there's still a lot of wounds to heal.  So lets keep supporting them, and the rest of the local economy!