Recipes and Installations at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

There'll be delicious food at the Eggstravaganza from local street food traders Out to Lunch, plus in house tea and cakes. But we'll also be cooking up some of the recipes from theHebden Annual. 

There will be a delicious Yotam Ottolenghi soup, using a combination of shop bought ingredients and wild leaves from the woods - docks, wild garlic and dandelions. For extra effect it'll be bubbling away outside on the Incredible Farm giant cauldron. Taste it for free from about 12.30 onwards.

Then at 1pm Lisa Slater will be demonstrating how to make a crumble topping in a saucepan. She will already have cooked up some seasonal rhubarb, so there will be readymade pudding to buy if you fancy it to take home. And, for something completely different, Lisa makes fantastical automata! 

Even now she's busy in her workshop creating a dancing display from the miniature clogs that Walkleys made for the Annual. So come along for crumble and clogs...