Walk this way from the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

There'll be a choice of walks on Eggstravaganza day, all with a different slant on the local scene.

Are you...

Energetic and imaginative?

Look for Hebden Spirits in the Mytholm woods - Pokemon eat your heart out!  They're everywhere - in the walls, in the trees, behind the rocks. Bring a phone and catch them on camera. You need to BOOK for this walk and it'll be expertly led by Amy Gault of Splat Training.

A local history enthusiast?

Richard Peters (from CROWS And Walkers Action) will be taking you on a Short Stroll to a Hidden Gem. Leant all about how the Foster Mill Dam provided the electricity for the mill, at least until tea time! You need to BOOK for this walk.

A budding psychogeographer?

Take a playful "drift" round Hebden town with your Situationist hat on. Artist and urban explorer Jane Samuels has prepared a Treasure Hunt that is guaranteed to make you see things you've never seen before.  No need to book just collect your instructions from 11 am onwards from the Egg Factory and off you go. Don't forget to come back - Jane will be awarding a small prize at 3.15 for the most observant hunter.