After Alice at the EGGSTRAVAGANZA!

We're very pleased to announce that the After Alice Project will be at the Eggstravaganza with their 1938 Rolleiflex camera on hand to take your photograph for posterity!  If you're bored with the same old selfies, here today and gone tomorrow, you can have a proper portrait of you and yours, to pass on down the generations.  Pose with Edwardian accessories to look the part, or go 21st century minimalist - either way your picture will go into the archive with the option of buying your own print for a modest sum.

They'll also have an exhibition of framed After Alice prints and a first edition of large postcard size prints at only £1 each. The 1890s camera used for portrait photography by Alice Longstaff and her predecessors will be on display plus the Pennine Horizons touch screen digital archive. Many, many pictures of Hebden and Hebdenites. We've always been a fairly weird lot and here's the evidence!