Get ready for the Rag Market!

Some years ago we held the first Rag Market in Bridge Mill, an idea we pinched from the Stroud International Textile Festival. Their Rag Market was a delightful but very upmarket affair compared to ours and I notice they don't do it anymore! Here's a link to the SIT Select Festival site.

Our first one was a just mini market - a chance of rationalising our growing stashes of stuff.  It went down a bomb and we discovered that one person's rubbish was another's treasure.  So we soon moved into the Town Hall and handed the market over to the WI, who since then have done an excellent job of growing it and using the proceeds for good causes. 

If you've never been, the Rag Market is like a specialist old school jumble sale - you never know what's going to turn up. But as well as the serendipity of a random find it's evolved into a source of esoteric materials and tools - a virtual Internet for crafters. If you need a particular colour of wool, or an unusual handmade button, there's a good chance you'll find it at the Rag Market. 

But it's bursting at the seams! So now the Egg Factory has become a satellite venue - more stalls of haberdashery goodness, plus WI tea and cakes. The next one is on April 29th, 11 til 4. See you there (and here!)

Browsing the stash!

Browsing the stash!

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