Giving you your kitchen table back.

The perfect environment to work alongside other people while getting some proper work done, our members write, draw, knit and manage their businesses from our shared workspace and have fun doing it.

Friendships and collaborations are growing all the time at the Egg. We’re a community, but with no strings.

Working for yourself, from home or on your own can be incredibly rewarding and doing what you love for a living feels great. But this doesn't mean you don't miss the sense of purpose you get from going to work every day and interacting with colleagues.

Co-working is a reason to take your slippers off and get out of the house, do what you said you'd do and achieve your goals. And who knows, you might meet a future business partner, collaborator or just a new friend. Which is never a bad thing.

We share lunch together on Wednesdays, 1pm til 2pm and we have a social on the last Friday of the month - sometimes we sit in a beer garden, sometimes we have a clothes swap - but we love the opportunity to chat with our friends and colleagues about, well, whatever comes up!


What we've got

Desks and large tables

A3 printer and scanner

Free Yorkshire tea and proper coffee


Photography equipment and sweep

Co-Working Prices

Half day  -  £11

Full day  -  £16.50

Monthly packages from £55 pcm

Permanent desks available for established (3 months +) members.

Private offices from £150 pcm on application and subject to availability.


Photography Prices

Lights, tables, large sweep and light tent available to help you get that all important white background!

Half day  -  £22

Full Day  -  £35


What our members say...


"The Egg Factory is my wow of Hebden Bridge, a sort of a cross between the old skool days of uni arts student life with a bit more of a grr and a purr! Great people with a warm welcome, loads of support (classic Hebden Hub style - the way it should be), flexibility and accommodation and individual needs : it just makes you want to stay around and get playful and messy. Oooo, and great books for inspiration, a very cute kitchen and loads of productivity going on to inspire the socks off you. Luv, luv, luv"

— Beth


“The best place to draw! I get more work done in a single day here than I do cramped in a cafe over a week. Endless cups of tea and such a cozy inspiring environment run by super in the know and friendly creative people, for studio space, co working and classes I couldn't recommend The Egg Factory enough!”

— Jay


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