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Learn to Screen Print - November
to Nov 22

Learn to Screen Print - November

Our comprehensive course covers all the essentials for the rookie screen printer; including coating and exposing a screen using the photo emulsion technique, two colour separation, registration and the delicate art of handling a squeegee correctly.


Our first of four sessions, the first week we look at design and colour separation. Whether you've brought your completed design with you or you haven't got a clue what you want to produce, we'll guide you through the process either by hand or in Photoshop.


On the second evening of the course, you'll learn how to degrease, coat and expose your screen, as well as having a little go at a stencil screen print, just for fun!


Start printing!

Participants use this week to get to grips with their squeegee technique and start to feel confident with ink. Discover the secrets of registration and test out colour combinations ready for your final prints next week!


In this final week you'll print your final four items, supplied by us, as well as some more if you want them.  You can bring some t-shirts to print for your friends, fabric for cushions or you can buy paper and textiles here at The Egg Factory.

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