The Egg Factory Community

Co-working is a relatively new way of working that's rapidly expanding around the world. Co-working is based on the core values of collaboration, openness, community, accessibility and sustainability. It's about collaboration over competition, doing over saying, sharing over secrecy, friendship and, most importantly, people.

Hebden Bridge can feel like a bit of a bubble at times, but The Egg Factory exploits this and makes the most of everything and everyone we have on our doorsteps. It's an opportunity to be part of a constantly growing network of inspiring individuals, work efficiently and effectively and access the space, resources and facilities you need, without having to re-mortgage your house.


lively coworking space

We love our town and we hope our small community of individuals can enrich at least some people's lives within it. Sometimes we invite our wider community round to The Egg Factory for some fun or a gathering, our doors are always open and we love meeting the locals.

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The Hebden Bridge Annual

A light hearted look at our town, the Hebden Bridge Annual is a book full of games, quizzes, stories, walks, facts and fun that we made as our contribution to keeping the community's collective chin up after the devastating floods on Boxing Day 2015.

Funded with help from the Community Foundation for Calderdale, Thompson Reuters, local partner shops and businesses and the belief of those who pre-ordered the book before it even existed, the Annual has been an exciting and rewarding project that we hope many people have enjoyed. We commissioned more than thirty local artists, illustrators and creatives to make unique content for the book.


Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Friday 21st June - Saturday 30th June 2019

Always a fantastic celebration of music, arts and drama, the HBAF is a favourite of ours! We host events and exhibitions, 'open studios' to show off some of the work that is made at The Egg Factory and we love to decorate a tree in the town - we love an excuse to flex our creative muscles!