Screen Print Service

Need some band merch? Or some limited edition record sleeves? Artwork editioning?

We can do all those things! 

We offer a bespoke, short run hand screen printing service for artists, illustrators, small businesses and anyone in between. We can print onto paper or textiles and we can provide excellent quality, ethical and organic garments, tea towels as well as bespoke commissioned items like pencil cases and tote bags. We specialise in small runs and work closely with our clients to find the best solutions for their screen print problems. Or you can just tell us to print a load of notebooks and we'll do it, no questions asked.

Recent clients include Northern Disco LightsFirecracker RecordingsThe Idler Magazine and local band The Tiny Minds.

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There are four parts to costing your print job:


1. Screen set-up

Each colour in your design will require one screen and each screen costs £20 to set up.  So, if your design has three colours it'll cost £60 to set up the screens.
(depending on the size of your design and how much coverage each colour has it can be possible to expose more than one colour on one screen - where possible we will try and keep this cost to a minimum)

If you're re-printing a design we have already printed for you, it's £10 per screen.

2. Printing

We like to provide a short-run service for small businesses and creatives so our minimum order is 10 items for garments, tea-towels and tote bags.

no. of prints             10-49                50-99               100+

1 colour                             £2.50                        £1.50                     £1.00

2 colours                           £3.50                        £2.50                    £2.00

3 colours                           £4.50                        £3.50                    £3.00

If your design has more than three colours, or if you require more than 200 prints, we are very happy to discuss bespoke quotes.

3. Stuff to print onto

We stock tote bags and tea towels and we can source excellent quality, ethically produced cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The tea towels we stock are made just down the motorway from us in Accrington, Lancashire and we use Continental for our t-shirts and tote bags.

Tea towels - 100% cotton, bright white or natural, 78cm x 51cm - £2 each
Tote bags - 60% Recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown, 40% Recycled post-consumer polyester, natural, 36cm x 40cm x 6cm - from £3.50 each

We can also print onto canvas, cotton poplin, twill or fabric you provide. It is possible to print onto fabric you provide, but we'll need to see a sample to ensure it is suitable for screen printing. It is possible for us to have items made for you, so if you're looking for something niche, we're the team for you!

We also stock Fabriano papers for art prints - we hold Rosaspina 220gsm and 285gsm in stock and we can order other weights as desired. We find these papers print beautifully and we'd recommend them for both and prints and wedding stationery.

Please contact us for more info about printing light colours onto a dark ground, colour changes within the print run, bespoke projects and art print editioning.

4. Extras

If you'd like to supply your own garments, tea towels or anything else, there is a 20p per item handling charge applicable. Please check with us before ordering that the garments are suitable for screen printing and make sure you have some spares. If you'd like us to use your fabric, please ensure it is clean and laundered and free from any coatings or finishes.

All textile printing is subject to a 50p per item heat setting and finishing charge to ensure your garments are fully washable and fade-resistant.

If you're not lucky enough to live in our neck of the woods, a delivery charge will be added to your quote.